One way conversation.Mature

Ash River

"Come on your be more comfortable in bed." I could see Jade nodding off in the kitchen. She lifted her head from resting on the table, a small smile played over her lips standing up and tucking the chair under.

"Why are you going to be there"? She shot back. Her comment took me off guard for a moment. "Your right I should get some sleep."

Jade staggered across the kitchen then stumbled; I caught her arm steadying her. She looked up at me her bluely green eyes locked with my own. "Jade?" I wrapped my arm around her waist; with my other hand I moved away some hair from her eyes. Her skin was so soft and I felt as though Mike was using his power on me.

 Sending electrical currents all around my body. "Ash I erm..." I noticed then how close we actually were. I pulled back letting out a breath that I was holding in. I helped her up the stairs and into her room. "Sorry Jade I don't know what ca-

"I'm sorry too erm. I'm ok now thank you Ash." Jade said butting in.

"It's ok." I turned round only to be stopped again.

"Not just this. Everything, you didn't have to come after me. It must have been hard for you with Robert. Sorry I didn't mean to...erm night." I looked back at her, her face was flushed it suited her. I went over to Jade as she sat on the bed.

Should I tell her about Robert? About my pasted? Can I open up to her?

Suddenly, Frazzle came swopping into the room landing next to Jade looking at both of us. "I'll leave you to get some rest." I backed away from Jade feeling worried about leaving her, even though everything was ok.

"You should get some rest too Ash." Jade added before I walked out of her room.

I bumped into Mike sleepy form coming out of the bathroom. "Go and pick a room Mike, these plenty to choose from." I gestured along the hallway.

"I'm good." He told me trying to hide a yawn. "What about you"?

"We're not talking about me. You used a lot of you powers, you need to rest." I replied.

"So did you."

"Mike you can't help Billie if you weak. Go and get some rest." I walked away hoping that he would take my advise and get some rest.

I found myself outside sitting in front of my parent's grave. My neck was still tender when I touched it. The roses that I left were still lushes red, the thrones still sharp. I sighed closing my eyes picturing them sitting next to me. Mum rearranging my black spikes in my hair. Breathing in Dad aftershave, as he put one arm around me.

I yelped in surprise seeing Frazzle facing me. "O'man do you have to sneak up on people?"               

To my amazement he nodded its head. I gasped. "Do you want anything?" I couldn't believe this. The fact that he could understand me, no wonder it was looking at me before soo much. He moved head pointing to the house then back to me.

"Is there something wrong?" O'god I hope not, I was still feeling weak with my power. He shook his head, which I was guessing as ‘no there wasn't'. I stood up and walked back to the house.

Frazzle of course followed me into the house, he turned to go upstairs but I carried on walking. Frazzle cried out making me stop. What was with this phoenix?

"Ok I'll bite, what are you showing me?"    

The End

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