After Billie had lost consciousness, I picked her up and brought her to the bed, today was probably a harsh day,and I couldn't blame her for collapsing yet I was really worried about her, after we had left the cavern she seemed to try distancing herself from everyone, especially me, I could partially understand, only partially. I laid her on the bed as the book fell out of her hands. I looked at, for a moment, I didn't like it, something felt strange about, especially when I picked it up, and my body felt heavier. I put it on the table. We'll take a look at it later when Billie wakes up. I think to myself heading back downstairs. I come around the corner of the steps instantly being asked.

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah, just think she needs rest after today bouts,maybe all of us do. I can definitely feel the pull to sleep myself, but I'm almost to scared to." I say truthfully. They nod, not sure whether in agreement or understanding.

"I wouldn't worry to much Mike the sun is up and only there servants of light can reach us,and I'm sure we can fight them off, if it comes to that but the carnage we dealt them today they aren't going to be doing any such thing." Ash reassures me, but he doesn't truly no what I'm fearing.

I was sure I killed the the other me, but his words saying he'll eat me from the inside out still rang clear in my ears.

The End

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