What's Happening?Mature


I turn visable again as soon as I stab the stake into Matts chest. He's screaming out in pain, making tears roll down my face. I pull the bloody stake out again and Mike blasts him with his ability then Ash joins in.

Matt falls to the floor, he's weak now. His eyes lock with mine, all through the fight, I couldn't tear my gaze away from him. "Billie you...wouldn't killlll...meee." He slurrs.

"Matt you're not the same boy that I loved. You hurt my friends. You hurt me more than words." My lips are trembling as more tears fall but I keep my voice strong, I have to be strong! "I have no choice Matt."

I kneel down besides him so the others can't hear me. "I know I hurt you but now I'm hurting too. Not just because of what you've done but because what I have. Ever since I hurt you, I've messed up. Big time. I wish I could turn your face back but... my power...I...I can't control it now. That book, and you drinking my blood, it's done something to me. I'm sorry and I'll always love the Matt I used to know."

I bring the stake down hard, making his blood spill out everywhere.

I let silent tears fall from my yellow eyes as I get to my feet. Everyone's silent. I pick up the book and hold it tightly to my chest, my mind flashing through all the memories I have of Matt, the good and the bad.

"So what we doing tomorrow night?" I sigh and shake my head, it's too soon for jokes.


We're in Ashs car, me and Mike in the back and Ash and Jade at the front. I doing what I do best, hold my emotions in but I'm gripping the book so tightly my knuckles are going white.

"Did we really just do that?" Mike asks Ash parks the car, breaking the silence.

"I think we did." Ash says getting out the car and helping Jade out. Mike gets out next, holding a hand out to help me but I ignore it. I'm not going to be touching anyone for a while.

"Am I seeing things now?" Ash says. I frown and follow his gaze. My eyes widen. "Hey did any of you see that red flash just?" He calls out to us as we all head towards his house.

Me and Jade go around by the trees, to the end of Ashs garden. I think I know what it is but... it can't be, can it? Jade gasps and I follow her gaze, breaking out of my morbid mood.

"Aww it's sooo cute, think the boys will let us keep it?" I asks, smiling up at the beautiful phoenix.

I'm resisting the urgh to stroke him, I really want to but I don't want to hurt it or turn it invisable. My mind rushes through everything I've learnt about Phoenixs. My tutor told me that legand says their tears have healing powers, they can carry up to 50 times their own weight, when they die they turn to ash and get reborn out of them and their song can wake the secret powers within.

"Aww Ash what do you think?" Jade pleads. " We could keep him."

"We've already got a few names for him. Mike what do you think?" I chip in, turning to the others, my smile huge on my face.

"It's a well...a wild animal it's free to come and go where evere it pleases." Ash says, the phoenix stares at him as if to plead his stay.

"Aww Ash go on, it can stay here with us." I say looking at Ash, knowing my yellow eyes are leading and not many people can resist doing what I say when my eyes are like this if they know it or not.

"What do you think Mike?" Ash asks, Mikes eyes still on me and the pheonix. I keep smiling brightly at him, my eyes pleading.

"I don't think it can be any threat to us, but it's your place." He says, making my smile widen. I look to Ash. C'mon, let us keep him.

He sighs, looking at the phoenix and the phoenix looks back. "Ok it can stay." Ash says then walks off into the house.

"Yes!" Me and Jade say at the same time and turn back to the phoenix, ingoring Mike. "When you said we've got names do you mean you've got some names?" Jade asks her eyes sparkling.

"Hell yeah! I've got a few. Firefeather, Fluffy and Frazzle. I don't really know why Fluffy, it just poped into my head."

Jade thinks about it for a while.

"I like Frazzle." She says and they phoenix cries out a magical note as if to agree with us. I giggle and they phoenix comes closer, his head going towards my hand. I pull it quickly back.

"I don't think it will hurt you." Mike whispers into my ear, amusment in his voice.

"I'm going to tell Ash Frazzle is called Frazzle!" Jade says and runs off towards the house excitedly.

Mike stands close next to me and smiles. I smile back and move away a bit.

Frazzle comes closer. "No. I'm sorry boy but I don't think you'll like being invisable forever." I say with a weak smile.

"You won't turn him invisable forever Billie. You've touched things plenty of times and they haven't changed." Mike says still smiling at me. I lower my eyes. He doesn't know. None of them do.

I can feel myself having less and less control over my powers but I don't want to tell them, it's best to keep them in the dark.

I turn back to the house. "C'mon Frazz, you can pick who you want to stay with tonight." I call back and hear a flutter of wings. I look up and see him flying, he's beautiful. All of his colourful feathers glinting off the sun, his black eyes sparkling with delight like no other creatures. I giggle and he lands on my shoulder.

I stop and stiffen, I turn my head slowly towards Frazzle. Please be visable. Please be visable. I smile and relax when I see him perfectly.

"He likes you." Mike says next to me. I nod and carry on walking.

Poor Mike, he must think I'm blanking him...well, I am. But it's for his own good. The less close he is to me, the better. Surely after what happend today he can understand that.

I shake my head, suddenly dizzey.

"Off you go Frazzle, I'll be in in a bit." I say weakly and smile a little. He looks at me with his shining black eyes as if he understands what's happening to me. "I'm fine. You go." I say and stroke his beautiful feathers. They're so soft and delicate.

Frazzle spreads his wings and flies through the kitchen window. I can hear Ash curse and drop something, making whatever it was smash. I smile and shake my head.

"Billie, are you okay? After all that's happend today, you alright?" Mike asks as we get to the table.

"I'm..." I start but my head starts to spin, making me grip the chair tightly, dropping the book onto the floor. "I'm....fine." I pant, my arms shaking and my vision going blurry.

"Billie! You are not fine! You've turned Ashs chair invisable and you're shaking!" Mike says getting closer, holding out his arms for me. I push away from the table, my legs shaking.

He shouldn't touch me. He doesn't want to turn out like Matt. He should stay away.

Dread fills me as I think of Matt and I'm too weak to push my feelings aside.

A sick feeling escapes my stomache and rolls around my mouth.

I trip over, my vision fading quickly.

I can just work out Mike kneeling besides me. His mouth is moving but I can't work out what he's saying. I open my mouth to tell him to leave me but darkness takes over me.......

The End

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