The Endless Night.Mature

this is a story about a group of people who are living/working near eachother who have powers.


"Billie, do you know what happens to people who are on our turf?" She snarls at me. I sigh, walking back into the shadows. I wish I wasn't here! If only they hadn't seen me!

"Billie. Come here girl." The group of girls start whistling, getting closer to me. Not again. Please not again! I'm still sore from the last time they beat me up. "Billie. We can see you. And you know what? We're gonna make you pay, you stupid bitch!" They girls start throwing stones at me.

My yellow eyes start to water as each stone hits me. Stop! Oh dear god, make it stop! I move back, trying to get away. They're coming after me. I start to run, I can hear them following close behind.

My black hair's flying around my face as I get closer to the alleyway. I speed up, knowing I'm much faster then any of them. I run into the alleyway and hide in the shadows. I close my eyes and hold my breath. They all run into the alleyway, looking around to try and find me.

When I first moved here, I thought they bullied me because of my skin colour or because I'm American. I'm dark skinned just like my mother and father. I'm seventeen and I came to rainy-old England to go to uni. But that's not the reason why they put me through pain.

It's because I'm different. And different scares them. Like most humans, they believe that they should get rid of the thing that is different. They believe that they should get rid of me. The freak.

My eyes are closed tight, my yellow eyes always get me noticed. "She's gone!" They grunt annoyed. After a few minuets, they run out of the alleyway. I sigh with relief and open my eyes again. I run and jump over the brick wall.

Soon I'm home. I open the door to my room mates. "Hey Billie. Where you been?" She asks me but I shrug and start on my homework. I never say much, I like to stick to the shadows. I like to be invisable.

The End

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