Anna: Warning

I shivered as I looked into the sky, someone had turned. With that I took off for the village, for a Guardian the trip would take only a few minutes. I grinned as the scenery flashed by me; trees, bushes, and shrubs all just a flash of colour. Finally I was at the outskirts of the village. I held my breath and listened, knowing that their would be a guardian on post. Without warning I was thrown to the ground. Whoever it were, it was fast. I sprung away brandishing claw and fang growling into the night that shrouded me. My attacker slowly morphed from the shadows, but I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Mochni?" I asked as my turning reversed. He looked at me for a moment, shocked.

"Anna, is that really you? What happened?" He asked, shifting back to normal. I grabbed his hand pulling him towards the village. 

"Mochni, there is no time to explain. If the village is to survive we have to move now!" I took off running with Mochni following close behind. As we neared the village he spoke. 

"What happened to you Anna? You were missing for so long?" Tears started to well in my eyes. How could I tell him what happened. How even as a guardian I couldn't defend myself, my sister, or my people.

"I'm so sorry, I failed. I was captured and they...they killed Kesha." I chocked as tears poured down my face. Mochni ran by my side. 

"We will avenge her!" He growled "And when this is all over, she'll receive a guardian's burial!"  We finally reached the councils tent and burst through the doors. Not all of the Chiefs had left. 

"High Chief, Chennai!" I yelled aloud. Everyone looked up, surprised. 

"Anna, your alive!" He exclaimed. 

"There is no time sir! An army is amassed on our border, an army that has a vendetta against the Guardians. They believe us to be demons, they have already killed my sister. I will not let them kill another!" Many of those left cried at my telling of Kesha's death.

"Mochni, rouse everyone! Anna come with me. I need to know everything that you know about our attackers. Kienna, find all of those not fit for battle and lead them away from the village! Everyone move!" Chennai yelled, taking my arm and leading me to his tent. 

The End

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