Anna: Try and Stop Me

"Come on you filthy demon!" My captor yelled, pulling hard on the collar around my neck. I stood my ground hoping my stupid idea would work.

"Ummm...I have to got to the bathroom." The man looked at me both angered and surprised.

"You've got to be kidding me?!" I shook my head. The man rubbed his forehead and looked back to his friends camped not too far away. He glanced back at me, still unaware of Muna's turning down in my villiage.

"Let me go clear it with the guys." He started towards his companions, draging me with him. Still I held my ground. He looked back to me. I crossed my legs and gave him a pleading look. He sighed and headed back towards me.

"Ok this way."

"I'm not going with you." I said faking disgust.

"Why not?!" He whined as he grew tired of me.

"Ummm...I'm a girl and unlike you I have morals. I don't want you to watch me do my busisness! Just take the collar off and I'll go and be back." I protested.

"No way. You'll escape!" I sighed.

"Look around you, we're in a wasteland. Plus you have a rifle, you'll be able to kill me faster than you can say shoot." The man mulled over my argument. He mumbled something indistinct and nodded. Slowly he approached me and beganto undue the tight collar. When it fell away I took a deep breath of the night air, enjoying my freedom. I looked at the man, smiling. He gasphed. My turning with I had barley held off began. I was a huntress once more! Immediatly I took the mans neck in my claws stopping, him from sounding the alarm.

"Now you'll see what a real demon I am!" I threw the man down and clawed his throat open. Blood squirted everywhere, it was a feeling I had missed. With my captor dead, I took off into the night. I had to make it to my village and warn everyone! 

The End

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