Hell's Gate

What is this? How could this be happening? Mochni thought as he glanced over to Muna's direction.

Just like before. Chevy thought, still kneeling like everyone else.

"Uncle what's happening?" The boy asked from behind the man hiding in the room Muna was in.

Could Chevy and me handle Muna more then Mochni? Bryan thought looking over to Chevy.

Muna's howls went through out the night sky. Then stopped. She sniffed the wind blowing towards her. She jumped from the height she was at, Chevy got up and followed her, the other two followed him. Bryan's depressed look changed to a confident stare as he ran behind Chevy. Their eyes meet and nodded at each other.

Being away from her so long hurted so much. I can't handle it anymore. I have to be with her no matter what. We all have being looking for her. Mochni thought, didn't pay any attention to Chevy and Bryan's nods.

They lost sight of her for awhile. Chevy held up his hand for them to stop and he to stopped. He gave them a sign to be quiet. Bryan looked up at the abanddon roof tops. Mochni looked all around on the grounds, in front, behind, side-to-side of them, and in the windows of the buildings.

"We're in Hell's Gate property," Chevy said holding up his riffle, ", a place where no other people go to, besides the gang that lives here."

A horrified scream echoed through the silent street. Bryan flinched. Standing still by the sound. He ran in one of the buildings, and spotted a cloth wripped on a metal piece sticking out of the wall. The same fabric as Muna's jeans. He picked up speed as the two brothers tried to keep up with him.

"Why.., why is he running so... mah-much fast... er now?" Mochni asked as he started to lose some breathe.

"Because... Bryan's wife disappeared a while back," Chevy said, knowing the very scream they heard. Same scream he heard when Bryan and him were looking for some clean water for her. When they got back to his place. The very scream, still gives Chevy the chills up his spine. ", I tried to shot the man that took her... but all I saw was the Hell's gate symbol... on the bike driving away."

Muna wouldn't hurt anyone that she knows. Mochni didn't hurt Bryan or me when he changed. I know that for a fact. SO it must be the Hell's Gate Gang doing this to her. Chevy thought as they ran. Or it might be that Estelle is frightened by Muna's new form.

Mr. Bryan Lumbraige | 23 yrs old
Mrs. Estelle Lumbraige | 22 yrs old
Mr. Mochni Amadahy | 23 yrs old
Mrs. Muna Amadahy | 24 yrs old
Chevy Amadahy | 25 yrs old

The End

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