First Fruits

She felt electric, half aware that shots had been fired and people were talking to her or maybe about her. She wasn‘t sure any longer and didn‘t really care. All she really knew was that electricity flowed through her. She was changing for some reason, and had been all day. Something she had never experienced. There in the moonlight, her body began to change dramatically and mysteriously.

"Muna… tuna.." she said again trailing off… She threw her head back and blinked at the stars. Only now, they looked different. The stars were bright. So very bright. Her back arched as muscles long unused suddenly came to life and literally became pumped full of energy.

Chevy’s mouth was agape. He stared at her and knew precisely what she was becoming. He had seen this before. His own brother had turned into this… this…. thing before him.

“She’s turning!” he cried. At that moment he was afraid at his core. “Stay away from her! She’s not dangerous if your passive. Don’t threaten her. If you want to live, get on your knees - now! Everyone! Down now or she’ll tear your heart out!”

Bryan, Mochni and Chevy got down on one knee and continued to watch her intently.

The man with the shotgun began to shake and then looking quickly this way and that, saw a chance to escape and began to run.

Muna’s turning came to a halt and she suddenly knew who she really was and what she really was. A guardian of the tribe; a brutal huntress. She whirled in the direction the man had just gone and saw him clearer than ever. She could see his heart beating unmercifully, the blood swooshing in his veins and most of all, she could see his evil thoughts and his primordial fear. In a moment of time, she was underway; passing over the small passive creatures on their knees. She was driven by a knowledge that she needed to protect her tribe and was unable to stop the electric cat and mouse game being played out.

An instant later her silent muscled form at first curved parallel to his desperate flight and was then suddenly on top of him in his stride. He cried out curses and again fueled her killing conviction with more purely evil thoughts. The shotgun went off; wildly missing any target and they both went down hard on the pavement. Pavement that had been broken by years of being taken over by nature’s plants cracking and growing through it’s surface; it broke apart now as the guardian and the man with the shotgun tumbled hard onto it and then into it. The shotgun clattered against a wall and ceased to move. Crumbling, jagged pieces of concrete mixed with blood, bone and brain sprayed onto the walls and buildings they rolled in front of. He was dead as soon as she grabbed him in her murderous teeth; and luckily for him she didn’t yet know her full strength; tearing through his flesh like wood passing beneath a table saw.

Taking a huge leap, Muna quickly careened out and away from the dusty carnage. Jumping to a balcony on a nearby building; she cried out for the first time as a new guardian. With bits of her first kill still lodged between her massive teeth she growled and then howled long and loud into the chilly night.

Far across the city; Anna listened intently and shuddered hard; fighting the overwhelmingly strong desire of her body to turn…..

The End

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