Tuna Amnesia

"She has no idea who she is." A voice said.

"We don't even know if anyone that knows her is still alive." Another voice said.

"Earthquakes." A soft voice chimed through the building.

The two people stopped talking. They looked over to the little girl and the lady went to check on her. She checked her forehead and then fixed her blankets up. "Earthquakes." This time is chimed even louder and to outside the building. A man sitting at a bus stop with a riffle heard the voice and looked up to the dark brown dusty sky. Another man walking down a a street with less rubble heard and stopped, looked up with sadness. A thrid man heard and he was sitting on a door step and looked up in destress. They heard the voice say "Earthquake." again and started moving in a direction they heard it from.


Night time came along and everyone but one person was awake, for night watch. Little tiny fire burning out gave off some light in the room that everyone stayed in.

The calm man talking earlier was singing a song. He watched the outside from a window in hiding. The song he was singing was sounded very sad. The girl that lay on the only bed sat up and looked around. She was still sleeping, but wth her eyes wide open. They were black as night. She walked over to the window and jumped outside when he asked, "You feeling any bet-HEY!" He got up and looked outside.

She stood in the open under the full moon. "Little brat." He said, loading his riffle. She spun around in circles and then stopped. Someone from the darkness came out and pointed a shotgun at her. "Gimmie your belongings.", He said, holding out one hand well holding the gun in the other. She didn't move. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. A bullet skimmed his shoulder. The man in the building frozed. He didn't pull his trigger, yet. Other masked people surrounded the man and her.

"Why is it that we always have to save your butt." The depressed man said, running towards the herd of men. Another man yelled in raged and jumped in the crowd. The man with the riffle came out from his hiding. The girl looked at every direction of her. Once all the men around her gave up and ran away. The three men looked at her. She looked back at them. "Who are you?" her words blowing away like the ghust of wind that passed by.

"Don't tell me she has amnesia, Mochni." The teller man asked, leaning on his safety riffle.

"She has to remember who we are!" The depressed man said, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her back and forth. "You have to remember."

"Bryan. Stop it!" Mochni demanded, pulling her away from his grip.

"Chevy. What do you think?" Bryan asked, facing him and his riffle.

"Mochni. Bryan. Chevy." She said, pointing to herself. "Who's this?"

Her eyes are pure black. She must be still sleeping or this what she looks like when she has amnesia. Chevy and Mochni thought.

Chevy picked up his gun and walked over to her. "You my dear, is named Muna. Rhythms with your favorite food, tuna."

"Muna... tuna..." She said trailing off.

The End

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