The End is the Beginning is the End

The year is 2127, the world is left in ruins after a nuclear war ravaged the world. What's left can only be described as an apocalyptic hell on earth, yet humanity survives, living in the buildings of civilizations past. Countries no longer exist, only communities of families or tribes.
You are leaving to make your own way in the wastes, how will you survive?
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I could smell cordite choke the air around me, causing me to gasp and cough. I looked to the aged leather strapping me to the broken and rusted barber chair. I had to escape. People had been shot here, not long before me. A door to my right opened and a tall lanky man in a tattered leather jacket and dirty black business pants. 

"Ah, your awake." The mans squeaky and evasive voice crooned. 

"Why am I here?" I growled loudly. 

"Chill, chill my friend. Your here to help us raid your little tribes camp." My eyes widened at the mention of my home. I had only left three days ago from Novashanktisk, a little grouping of tents inside the ruins of the old Detroit. It was one of the last safe havens in Michigan that hadn't been irradiated by the nukes. 

"Not a chance." I turned my head away from the man. He grabbed my face in his gritty hand and cranked it back to meet his eyes. 

"You'll help...or everyone who lives in your filthy home will die!" He pushed my face away and grabbed a weapon out of his jacket. He pointed at my face. The weapon (if you could call it that) was a short barrel of PVC piping duct tapped to a make shift cylinder holding three shots. It also had a short piece of metal, that the man had pressed his finger to.I believe before the bombs fell they were called revolvers.  "You 'gonna help?!" The man yelled shaking violently. I dropped my head. 

"Yes," I conceited in a whimper. Then as I looked up the guns handle connected with my face and the world went black.

I don't know how long I was out but when I came to my head pulsed fervently with a headache. I rubbed my temples and examined my surroundings. To my shock I was just outside my hometowns city limits. The once tall skyscrapers of the past still crumpled and crushed around me. There was still the smell of crushed concrete hanging in the air.

"Are you ready?" A familiar voice asked from behind me. I spun around and saw the man who had kept me captive. I snarled lightly. 

"If I must."   

The End

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