Josef:The tripMature

  Josef went to the bathroom and took off his trench coat.  He washed the blood out of his T-shirt which read "If your reading this you must seriously hate my face.".  He found some soap and rubbed it on his face.  Off came the dried mud.  The oil stains.  He pulled off his shirt and starred at himself.  He was fit,  But he knew he could do better.  His eyes darted to the shower.  They would probably kill him if he tried.  Went back to washing his face.  His eyes closed.  He just leaned back a bit.  Then, a knock at the door.  "I would like some of your gin.  Now."  Said a voice.

"How about we find some supplies.  Quick trip out."  Josef heard Hay say in the backround.

Josef sighed and opened the door a crack.  It was the man named Jon.  He handed him one of the bottles.  And snapped the door closed again.  He needed something to drink himself.  He popped open his 2nd bottle and took a swig.  He lets its feel wash away the pain in his throat.  He hid the bottle in his coat and hung it up while he put his shirt back on.  Then he sat down and fell asleep.  He was awakened by a loud blaring siren.  He burst out of the bathroom and saw Hay there to with a "What the hell!?" Look on her face.


"Unless those things can pole vault over here then yes."

Josef couldnt help thinking back to Plants Vs Zombies that he played on his phone when he waited for the real zombie things to leave.  Whoever was up there was probably going to be gone soon.



The End

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