Natasha: uh-oh...Mature

I had intended to live in an empty, abandoned mansion. But when I saw the a light coming from the biggest mansion on the street – and when I say big I mean huge as fuck!

I had intended to just walk by and ignore it. Afterall a light didn't necessarily mean people. But as I walked by I looked in the windows and saw moving silhouettes. Either the mansion had a few zombies in it or there really were people. I decided to walk by anyway and go to the nearest empty mansion. I'd spend the night there and then in the morning I'd drop by and see if they mind another person joining the group.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to climb over the tall fence surrounding the mansion and break open the front door. I took inventory of everything within five minutes of entering. I checked every room and only found a single zombie in one of the bedrooms, which I quickly took care of with my bone saw. Overall, everything wasn't going too badly I thought as I closed the door behind me – not going back in there with dead zombie anytime soon-.

But of course I should've realised a huge mansion wouldn't be this easy to break into. Because exactly ten minutes after the door had been opened, a very loud alarm sounded.

Well shit....

Looks like I might meet the neighbours sooner than anticipated.

The End

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