Hay: BirthdayMature

Hay stared at Jon incredulously as he let the stranger into her house.

'Hey.' She hissed, 'just because he has alcohol-'

'It's because he has alcohol!' Jon retorted, looking down on Hay's short body, 'because you wont let me at your fucking collection.' He huffed, lowering his rifle as the man came in.

Hay eyed him up suspiciously, he looked her right back in the eye; it unnerved her somewhat.

'Name.' Hay spat.

'Josef Powell.' He replied. 

Hay's eyes ran over his hair, face and all the way down his long trench coat until she reached his shoes. 

'Hay!' Ren nearly shouted, 'whose this?'

'New man. Josef.'

'Hi.' Josef smiled.

'Oh... Hi,' Ren replied, raising a hand for a halfhearted wave the man opposite him. 

'Come in properly, close the door and be quiet about it, I'm not having those things at my door step.' Hay grumbled.

'You sound like an old women.' Ren giggled, Hay slapped him round the back of the head, glaring at the boy. Ren looked away, towards the man who was showing Jon his weapons, 'where does everyone get these fucking guns from?'

'God knows.' 

As they came closer to the staircase, Angel stood there; rubbing her eyes.

'Hay... What's going on?' She mumbled sleepily.

'Ugh, you shouldn't have left her, Ren! It's okay, Angel. Go back to sleep, Ren's going with you.'

' 'kay...' Angel yawned, taking Ren's hand as he offered it. 

'Oh, and Hay?' Ren looked back.

'What?' Hay snapped.

'I didn't forget it was your birthday tomorrow.' He smiled slyly. Hay looked down.

'Don't even think about it...' 

The End

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