Josef:A house on a hillMature

Where the hell is that army our taxes go to!
Josef thought to himself.  Now would be the perfect time for a chopper to save him.  He flipped of his hat and reavealed his small pistol.  He aimed it down the corridor of the store that he was hunting through to get some liqour.  He was parched.  The bartender wandered into the hallway and roared at him.  He took a single shot and hit the creatures eyesocket and destroying the brain.  He continued down and found the bar.  Two men were scavanging through it.  They heard him and looked up.

"Who is this bastard."

"Get out of here.  Go play with those freaks outside." One sniggered.

Josef drew his fencing saber and put it to the first ones throat.

"You should be going."  Josef smirked.  "You can take what you have, I wont be that mean."

The two looked at each other and nodded.

"Run along."  Josef urged.

With that they fled the establishment.  Josef looked around and found a few bottles of gin which he quickly pushed into his shirt.  He also grabbed some high grade alcohol for injuries.  He got hungry and pulled out some salmon jerky that he kept with him and began chewing.  After he was finished with his fish flesh, he left the pub and realized that there were more things outside then before.  They had smelled his fish.  He quickly threw another peice of fish on the ground and they wobbled after it as he snuck away.

After hours of playing on his phone.  Josef desided to see if the nearby mansion had occupents.   It was a brief walk to it.


A rifle went off in front of him.

"Wait.  You arent infected are you?"  The sniper yelled.

"No.  But I will be soon if I stay out here.  Could you let me in?"  Josef asked.

No reply.


No reply.

"I have gin."

"Alright you can enter."

He hid his pistol in his hat and continued in.

The End

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