Natasha: Waking upMature

I had fallen asleep at my desk as I usually did when I had finished examining and putting away bodies. What woke me up was loud bangs within one of the chambers. I had read once of the trauma someone had gone through when someone woke up on their table while they were cutting them open. But I had already done the damage surely if this was the case I thought.

I knew I couldn't ignore the noise forever. I grabbed the biggest saw – the bone one. From my assortment of equipment. Why I grabbed it I don't know, I wasn't a superstitious person. I opened up the chamber and the body within rolled onto the floor in its efforts to get up. It let out weird moans and groans as it got up. Its muscle receiving a spasm every other moment. It finally stood and up and I looked into the almost white eyes of someone I was almost certain was dead.

I woke up with a start and quickly looked around me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eye, glad the dream hadn't gone onto the next part. Where it attacked me and I was left with no other choice than to brutally saw it's head from it's neck. I was on the rood of a tall building and when I looked over any edge of the building I could see where all the undead were. If only I had a sniper I thought.

I gripped the saw I'd used from the very start. The magnum I'd grabbed after was still shoved in my jeans. I only used it when I needed it. By now I had figured out sound attracted them. I left the building, silently going down stairwell and after stairwell. I knew if I walked quietly enough, the zombies I passed on the street wouldn't even look my way.

My plan was to reach the better part of town where the richer family lived. I figured they would have better security than anywhere else, not to mention lots of supplies. So off I went, walking quietly, almost like a zombie myself.

The End

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