Hay: ParentsMature

Ren was putting Angel to sleep in the master bedroom, while Jon and I were working out a rota for keeping watch. I was to go for the first five hours, then him.

As he made himself comfy on the kitchen floor, I'd settled myself in the crook of the windowsill. I stared out into the darkness, trying to focus. But I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eyes inside the house which distracted me.

'Ren, you should go to sleep.' I sighed, looking at him.

'I brought you some casual clothes. You've been in your uniform for two days, it's gross.' He smiled, dropping a pair of jeans, clean underwear and a vest in my lap.

I slapped the back of his head, grinning. I jumped off the ledge and pulled off my clothes, shoving on the ones he's brought me. Ren blushed, looking away.

'I've seen you like that before. But Jon wouldn't freaked if he saw you.' Ren tutted.

'Saw what?' Jon mumbled from underneath his blanket.

'Hay naked.'

'Mmm...' He hummed.

I glared at Jon's head, hoping to high heavens he wasn't picturing that. I turned back to the window, 'I wonder where mum and dad are.' I said quietly.

'You know they've just picked up and left you. Sorry, Hay. But it's them, isn't it? Just what they'd do.' Ren said softly.

'I know. But I wonder what happened to all the house staff. Everyone, even my personal maid is gone.' I pondered.

'You don't think they have anything to do with this, what's going on, do you?' Ren asked worriedly.

'No!' I nearly shouted, I glanced over to Jon before lowering my voice, 'this is just some weird disease. Scientist's'll figure out how to cure it. Either that or they'll nuke us all.'

'Don't say that.'

'Sorry. Go to bed. Your distracting me, fuck off.' I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

Ren kissed my forehead, patted my shoulder then walked off. As he did so I turned back to the window and nearly shitted myself as a pale, greyish face was pressed against the window. His eyes reflecting the kitchen light.

I leaped back, standing on Jon's hand in the process.

'Hmmuh...?' He grumbled.

'We've got company you lazy git!'

The End

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