Hay: PrimalMature

'Ren, you go upstairs and hide the night out with Angel.' I told him, 'Jon, you and me can take turns to keep watch.'

'I don't-' I held a single hand up as Ren tried to protest.

'You have a gun. And you can use that gun to protect the kid, though you wont need to use it with my skills.' I trilled, cracking my knuckles. Ren winced and nodded, while Angel pretended not to hear anything.

'Go.' Jon told them, he glanced out of the window; towards the quickly setting sun, he watched them leave before he told me, 'I know you're house is rigged up with security camera's; and that wall is a good two metres tall... the gates also great. But what if we attracted more than just zombies. What about people who've gone drunk on this whole zombie-warfare situation? Then we're fucked.'

I coughed, readying myself for my speech, 'for one thing, that gate is a compound of iron and several other metals and is incredibly strong. Two, you don't honestly think a family as dirty rich as mine would leave the house unarmed? We have plenty of guns, shells and ammo.' I took another breath, 'and I don't think these people are "zombies", as you call them. The whole theory of the "living dead" is impossible. The state of no blood circulation, and them going into a state of decomposition would render them literally unable to move.'

Jon paused as he took in what I was saying, 'so there's something else? Something that reverts those people to a state which only allows primal instincts?'


'That's a little...'

'I know. But it's the only thing I could come up with as I watched them when I was making my way back home.'

'Did you see anything else? Because I noticed something pretty damn obvious!'


'When I was on the run, I realised that they only came after me if I was making a lot of noise. When I was just walking or running, they never noticed me.' Jon said slowly, 'I don't think they can see. I think they're blind.'

'Do you have anything to back that theory up?'

'Do I need to?' He chuckled coldly, 'we're in the middle of a crisis, Hay. Why don't we just perform a little experiment?'

'Hm. What did you have in mind?'

'Stay as quiet as we possibly can. I run over to the other side of the courtyard, and shoot my rifle.'

'If they don't follow you?'

'Then let's hope your as strong as you think you are.'

The End

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