Jon: A Long NightMature

Jon dug out the last bit of the ditch he was digging around the mansion and tossed the dirt into the pile in front of the ditch. He was working on reinforcing the house to fortify it against attack by zombies or raiders. He'd finished checking the downstairs fro anything hours ago; he'd found only one zombie. When he'd noticed it, the thing had stumbled after him. Jon had brought his machete down right into the back of its head, severing the brain stem. The zombie, now immobilized, dropped to the ground and Jon bashed its skull with the buttstock of his rifle.

He patted the dirt, trying to pack it as well as he could so it would be a little bit mor solid and trip anyone trying to run over it right into the ditch, which Jon would have to get some barbed wire to put in to make that experience even less fun. Then, when that was done, he planned to go to work on the doors, adding deadbolts, then the ground floor windows would have to be boarded up and finally he would try to dig up some siding to put on the walls to make the place more bulletproof and zombie-proof.

This wasn't a job he'd been given by any of the others. He'd taken it upon himself to fortify the base.

"What are you doing?" Hay asked, observing as Jon stood up, having finished packing in the dirt and adding some sharp stones and sticks.

"I was just making a ditch around the house," he said. "Got to make sure the place is secure, so I'm planning a few fortifications to make it more able to resist an attack by raiders, or by them."

Hay nodded, understanding the logic behind that idea.

"Next I'm going to need to get some barbed wire, metal siding, stuff to board up the windows and a few deadbolts."

"Alright," Hay said. "We'll try and get some of that stuff for you."


The young girl - Angel - still didn't seem to feel very safe around Jon. That was fine. He knew that he would do what he had to do to protect her and the others, so it didn't matter if she did. But she would have to learn to trust him a little bit, or else he couldn't keep her safe.

Jon was standing watch outside later that night - having nothing better to do - and caught sight of a human figure lumbering towards the ditch which was currently the only line of defense except for the wall around the premises.

"Shit!" Jon shouted, "Guys, we've got company!" He ran out to meet the zombie, standing just inside the wall's perimeter, and leveled his rifle. He aimed and fired. He missed. He reloaded, aimed, and fired again. This time, he hit the zombie in the left shoulder. It stumbled back for a moment, but kept coming. Finally, he pulled his pistol, ran out and got its attention. When it began to stumble towards him, he raised his pistol and shot it. It went down. Jon dragged the body out to a spot a good distance from the house and dumped it.

When he got back, he went inside and sat down for something to eat. "You shouldn't swear," Angel said.

"Sorry," Jon said. "I'll try not to swear again."

"Aren't more of them going to hear the noise from the guns?" Hay asked.

"Probably," Jon said. "I'll keep an eye out, and we'll have to deal with any others in a  more quiet way. It's going to be a long night."

The End

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