Angel: IfMature

  As they walked, Angel keep on staring at Jon in a confused way.

"What?" he asked, annoyed. She looked at the ground and shuffled up the hill silently.

 They all got to the house some-what safely. "Alright," said Hay,"Everyone, search the house for, you know, anything. Angel," Angel looked up at Hay, " You stay with me or Jon." Angel walked slowly to Hay and said," I feel safer with Hay right now." Her voice trailing off.

"Ok, we meet back in the entrace hall in a half an hour. Go," Ren said, running to the basement, but Jon stopped him and said something like, "I'll go down stairs," 

Angel cautiously walked into the kitchen, or dining room. Hay followed closely behind.

"Hay?" she asked, "If I get bitten, would you kill me?" Angel looked up at Hay. Hay looked back down and said, sincerely, "You won't get bitten."

The End

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