Hay: No More Tag-Alongs?Mature

I stared at the large-looking bloke, then to his range of weapons, then back to our group. I had said no more people after the small child. But this guy looks like he can handle himself.

'Fine.' I sighed.

'Hay! Behind you!' Ren almost screamed, before any of our group could make a move, before the man could pull out his pistol; I slammed my fist into the goddamn things face. Then thrust my hip forward as I swung my leg around to it's head, I heard it's neck snap. But that wouldn't do us any good. I looked at the new guy urgently, and he shot it.

The sound of the gun made me wince and cover my ringing ears in pain.


Angel gasped in anger, I looked at her, 'you shouldn't say that!'

I stared at her in awe.

'Shoot. I didn't think I gun would be that loud.' I chuckled.

'I'm Hay. The idiot with blonde hairs Ren, and this kid here is Angel.' I introduced us, ignoring Ren's angry hiss; and he flickedthe back of her neck.

'I'm Jon. Jon Ford. Where're you guys heading?'

'My house.' I replied instantly.

'Is that safe.'

'It's the Saunders Manor, up on that hill. What do you think?'

'The one with the massive iron gates and wall.'


'Pretty good, rich kid.' He smiled. His slightly scary face softened.

'If you try anything funny,' I turned around, getting back on our path, 'I'll kill you.'

'Dude, she's not kidding. She really will smash your head in. See this scar? Uh-huh.' I heard Ren tell Jon in a slightly frightened whisper.

'Hurry up, will ya. Unless your determined to get munched on.'

The End

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