Jon rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stood, surveying the area around him. He had a massive headache. Slipping one of the pain pills from the box he'd put together as a basic medical supply kit, he popped it into his mouth and drowned it in a bottled water he'd snatched from a rundown old shop the night before. He grabbed his pistol, making sure it was fully loaded and ready to go, then checked his rifle in a similar fashion and picked up his machete.

I really have to take a piss, he thought to himself, still groggy from having just woken up and the headache - which was now subsiding but still there. He gathered up his bag and weapons and headed out into the woods. Just as he was turning to head back out into town, he heard a low groan. He instantly lifted his rifle and turned with it raised up, ready to fire. As soon as he spotted the zombie, he put a bullet in its forehead, turned and ran. The noise from that shot would definitely attract more, and he did not need to be there when they arrived.

Jon walked back to the small shop where he'd spent the night and spent about half an hour looting the place before emerging onto the street. Immediately, he spotted a group of three people. As he came closer, he could see that there were two girls - an older one, maybe a few years younger than Jon, and a younger one, not much older than ten - and a boy, about the same age as the older girl. He continued to walk in their direction, approaching them from behind as they were walking away from him. As he got closer, the older girl whipped around and slammed him up against the wall.

"Why are you following us?" She asked him.

Pulling himself free of her grip, he answered, "I just saw you and thought it would be best if we stuck together." Seeing the irritation plain on her face that said sh'ed heard this before and did not want more dead weight following her around, he said, "We stand a better chance as a group against these things."

Jon saw her face resolve into a mix of increased agitation and agreement with his statement. She rubbed her eyes, looking none too pleased.

The End

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