Hay sat on the edge of the school roof, her hair swinging out in all directions. Ever since that had happened she didn't seemed to have use of her ditzy, girlie girl facade anymore.

She toyed with the bloody baseball bat which lay on her lap. Escaping those things, wasn't as easy as she had anticipated. But she was glad that she'd be ranked as one of the strongest girls in England or she'd never've been able to dodge their groggy, slow attacks. Which can make things quite difficult when hundreds of them are straining towards you at once.

'Hay, what'll we do now?' Ren whispered, as though he was afraid they'd all come back if his voice rose above a whisper.

'Don't know. We should try make it to a secure building with supplies. We would usually get to your house within an hour, but looking at the state of things it'd take a few hours.' Hay spoke, her voice at it's usual level.

'What about the school kitchens?' He asked.

'Overrun.' Hay retorted.


'No supplies.'

'What about we break into the teachers living quarters?'


'What about the shopping centre-'

'Ren! Think before you open your mouth, you twat. Overrun, overrun, overrun!' She said in a furious voice, 'we have to get to your house. That was what I was hinting!'

'Why my house?'

'Big fences, a panic room filled with supplies, beds, heating, water, food. Perfect place. And were totally not pickin anyone up on the way. We'll have more of a chance of getting eaten by those things, then. No hold ups, no one blocks our path!'


Hay slapped him hard across the face, and Ren gave a small gasp of surprise before smiling.

Masochistic idiot. Hay thought, as he touched the side of his face.

'Let's go, already. I don't plan on wasting any more time here, Ren.'

The End

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