A Hasty Escape

The din of the Festival of Magic faintly filled the otherwise silent large dining room, diminished by the thirty-two floors of height and slightly soundproofed glass. But the sheer noise of the crowds below seemed to be able to penetrate any substance known to man. The only lights in the room originated from the candles on the table, stood on golden candle sticks, and the sliver of light from the kitchen on the opposite side of the room.

The sole occupant of the room, a boy dressed in clothes that looked like they could have been bought that same morning, sat looking out the nearest window to his seat at the dining room table that could fit twenty people. At every seat, gold platters and goblets, accompanied by silver cutlery, reflected the soft light from the candles with a shine that only metals freshly excavated and polished could possibly acquire. The only dinnerware to break the pattern of neatly placed items, were the ones directly in front of the boy; which were freshly relieved of the food and drink they had been holding.

Presently servants were removing the dirty china from in front of the boy, but he paid no attention to them; he had years of being surrounded by servants milling around to get used to the feeling.

“Why do these people enjoy such meaningless jovialities?” the boy said to no one in particular as he kept staring out the window but at no observable object. Sighing at the unanswered question, he stood up and walked into the main room of his hotel suite. He had only been in Ingosea for a month or two, and as a result of such, he hadn’t found a place that suited his taste in the vast areas of the city yet.

He had just sat down on the king sized bed when he heard a knock on the front door. It wasn’t the leisurely knock that a visitor might have used, but the hard knock of a city official. It was shadowed by the memorized line of “Gevston Kantor, you are wanted by the Archmage to be presented before the world at the Festival of Magic. If you do not cooperate, we have full rights to arrest you and hold you prisoner without trial.”

Jumping up silently, Gevston hurried over to the side door that connected his suite to a neighboring suite. As a precaution, Gevston always paid for the suite directly adjacent to his own under a different name, just in case something popped up that required him to get out without placing attention on himself. Gevston opened the door, ran through and closed it behind him silently.

By now there was a crowd gathered around the door to Gevston’s room, so it was easy enough to slip out of the room and into the crowd. When the door was busted down, and the crowd started rushing into the main room to watch the scene play out, Gevston slowly backed up and slipped out of the crowd and into the night’s festivities.

The End

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