Smoke in the Attic

Megarande leaned in close, eyes wide with excitement and curiosity.  On the table before her was her latest, possibly greatest, charm ever.  It would allow the wearer imunity to any spells cast against them.  It would also transfer the energy behind those spells into the wearer, making them more powerful than thier enemies.

The magic and sulpher slowly smoked, sending up tiny whisps of smoke and the pleasant smell of acid and fire.  Megarande closed her eyes and breathed it in gently, savoring the perfect blend scents.  Then, as the mixture reached its cured point, she straightened and quickly poured the rest of her ingrediants in, dancing around the table to gather her things and toss them into the small bowl.

Fianlly, she grabbed the locket that would contain the charm and popped it open on the table.  With more precision than she would use to stitch together a broken, explosive charm, Megarande poured the still smoking poweder into the necklace.  Then, she stepped back and took a deep breath:  This was it.

Megarande closed her eyes and held her hands out over the locket, breathing calmly and deeply.  Then she sent her building magic at the locket, sending jets of fire from the palms of her hands.  If something went wrong, it would blow her attic to pieces, maybe even the entire house.

Megarande opened her eyes slowly as the fire faded.  The locket glowed red hot on the table, but when she carefully laid a finger on it, it was cold.  Megarande screamed with giddy delight- she hadn't slept in days- and sent tiny explosions off all around the room.  She laughed and danced around the table, miniature fireworks bursting around her head.

In the middle of her celebration, someone opened the door and stepped into the attic.  The fireworks stopped suddenly and all the lights in the room quickly extinguished.  Megarande spun around, startled.

"Megarande!" her father exclaimed.

Megarande quietly snatched the locket off the table and hid it behind her back.  She knew this looked bad.  Here she was dressed in a sleeveless, tightfitting black bouse and a long, burned up skirt.  Then there were the explotions, the streaks of explosive powders on her arms and face, the crazy laughter, not to mention the dance... the last thing she needed was word getting out that she was actually making something with her time up here.

"What are you doing?" her father shook his head and sighed, "Are you ready to go?"

"Go?" Megarande asked softly, confused.  She wasn't going anywhere, she never did.

"The Festival!" her father replied impatiently.  Megarande held in a groan.  She'd forgotten about that... she would have to leave the attic and most of her charms behind.  She would have to go outside.

Scowling a little, Megarande followed her father out of the attic and down the narrow, steep stairs, slipping the locket around her neck for safe keeping.  She doubted that she would need it, but outside, you never knew...

The End

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