Kyrin chuckled as he watched Airedel run off.  Whenever he came around he would always give Limphias a hard time.  Kyrin knew Airedel was only fooling around, but he still worried.  Limphias usually had a short temper, and was also known to hold a grudge.  If Airedale weren't such a reliable source of information, Limphias would've ordered him killed off ages ago.

Now that Kyrin was alone he could actually relax.  He felt more comfortable when he was alone, he didn't have to worry about anyone trying to hurt him.  It also gave him time to think.  Airedale constantly teased him about being stuck in with Limphias and his crew.  But it was Limphias who had taken Kyrin under his wing, all those years ago.  The things Airedale said really got to him sometimes.

"You need to  these wimps behind and become something great like me."

He probably didn't know it, but when Airedale said things like that Kyrin took him seriously.  Kyrin had been part of the Silver Raiders for a large portion of his life.  The crew was all he really knew. But was he really even happy there?   Was he going to spend the rest of his life with a gang of thieves, muggers and pickpockets?  He did want something better for himself, but what was he supposed to do?

"Well for now," he said aloud to himself, " I'll just try to enjoy the festival."  Today was the first day of The week long celebration known as The Festival of Magic.  With all the celebrating going on around him, he  might as well have some fun.  It's not everyday there's a festival going on.

The End

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