The Festival of Magic

Ingosea is the largest city on the planet. People from every where travel here to sell, buy, trade or just plain explore. Those, however don't even reach the top of the 'To Do List'.
Legend has it that some hidden treasure of vast wealth and majority is somewhere in the city. No one has ever found it. Those who claim to be close usually go missing then later turn up having gone completely insane. Others never return at all.

Today was a day of celebration. Today was the start of the long awaited Festival of Magic. The festival marked the start of the new year as well as the coming of age for those of seven years old. This was the time when the children would discover how much Natural Magic they had within them and at the same time the older, more successful magicians would decided their trade. People from all over gathered at the center of the city where the best deals for goods could be found; especially when it came to charms and amulets. The Archmage's sentinels, as usual, patrolled the area, keeping a close eye out for the gangs and trouble makers like Kristiel Blake...

"Stop!" one of the sentinels called out to a small figure that was shoving her way through the crowd. Many people were surprised to suddenly find themselves falling into other unsuspecting people. While he ran, the guard reached up to activate the earpiece he, and all the sentinels, wore. "She's headed north! I repeat, she's headed north."

Up ahead, Kristiel smiled to herself as finally found a place clear of people. As she neared the clearing, she tucked a small cloth bundle into her pants pocket and reached for her belt where a small mechanical ball hung. Grabbing it she pushed a small button on it and threw it into the open area. Before it hit the ground, it seemed to freeze in mid-air. Then within a few seconds it transformed into a long thin board that hovered above the ground. Quickly, Kristiel shoved through the last few people, jumped onto the Flightboard and zoomed over the heads of the crowd.

Once she was up a safe distance, Kristiel turned back to the gathering sentinels and winked before saying, "I believe I win this round. Maybe next time." After that was said, she flew off. Kristiel knew none of them would follow her. Even if they had a Spell that allowed them to do that it would take up too much energy. As she flew she noticed her hair had turned a slight shade of orange. As she sighed in annoyance it began to turn into a reddish-orange. She stopped in an alleyway and took some deep breaths, willing her hair to return back to it's proper dark brown color.

"Cold darkness..." A husky voice suddenly hissed from the shadows. Startled, Kristiel turned towards the voice, prepared to jump back onto her Flightboard at the first sign of trouble. She spotted a slight movement to her left and noticed the figure of a man huddled against the wall of one of the sky scrapers. His shaky movements made it obvious that he was one of the Ravers. Kristiel relaxed at this realization.

The Ravers didn't used to be insane. In fact, many of them had been highly respected individuals in Ingosea. All of them, however, had destroyed the rest of their lives searching for one thing. Treasure. And this wasn't just any treasure. They were searching for the treasure.

Legend has it that long ago when Ingosea was first built, someone, no one can agree on who, hid a large treasure somewhere within this great city. It is aid that who ever finds the treasure will become even more powerful and wealthy than the Archmage himself! But there's only one problem. Thousands have gone searching for it. Many say they're close but shortly after that... They vanish without a trace. A few of these unfortunate souls somehow return but those that do return as one of the Ravers.

"Cold darkness..." The Raver repeated as he fixed his wild stare upon Kristiel. She took at surprised step back. "Nothing but cold darkness..." He said softer before turning back to the ground. Kristiel shuddered before hopping back onto her Flightboard and flying to the roof top. Back on her feet, she cautiously glanced back down in the direction of the man. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the faint streaks of gray in her hair and turned back to the task at hand, ignoring her annoyance with her hair. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the small, cloth bundle she's stolen from a rich, fat merchant. Slowly, Kristiel untied it and glanced inside to make sure she'd grabbed enough charms.

"This will definitely be enough." She muttered before grabbing one to keep for herself. Kristiel closed the bundle and, placing it back into her pocket, turned to her Flightboard. Where does that gang eat lunch again? She thought before flying off to repay her debt.


The End

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