In the midst of the battle

In the midst of battle a strong, tall female is fighting. She is not on either side she is just defending her self. From behind her a boy came and stood back to back with her she glared at him but got distracted.

She allowed her power to fill her, to control her and use her body as a vessel. A bright smile lit up her face as adrenaline rushed through her in a sudden rush.

Around her red globs of fire were burning people alive, green and brown mounds of earth buried people, waves of water crashed down as she allowed her power to drift throughout it all quietly.


The air sizzled as it met a target it went into the person and crushed all the innards. Elizabeth took glee in seeing men fall down under her invisible force.

"why are you killing them like that? It is slow and painful." the guy behind her said as he shot a bomb of fire to smother an elderly worrier.

"They deserve it." Elizabeth told him as she killed a young male.

"who are you? I have never seen you before" the guy told her she was tempted to turn her power on him, to slowly kill him for being so nosy but decided against it.

"Elizabeth." she answered him.

"Nice to meet you. I am Kay." he told her shortly just before he ran off to help someone else.

"Well bye then." Elizabeth murmured. She turned back to the battle to continue the fight. She backed up suddenly as a large wall of earth gathered before her so she took the time to look back at Kay. He was fighting with a group of friends and in amongst them Elizabeth saw the one she was born to kill.

She turned her power slowly to kill the young warrior. This was her mission and finaly she will have completed it.

The End

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