Preparing the Defense


People run hap-hazardly across the whole town - each one preparing for a fight that would mean life or death for everyone we know.

The sky seems to know what's going on. Clouds roll slowly until they cover the entire view to the horizon. Rain splashes, lightly at first before getting harder and thicker. As the water lashes my exposed body parts I search for our group. We'll make up a segment, sandwiched in the middle of more experienced element masters.

My temper snaps and I scream. Twisting my arm, flicking my fingers I yell at the rain to calm down for a bit. It complies and slows to a drizzle. My eyes scan the crowded town square for the faces I know all so well.

"OI! OVER HERE!" My voice cracks as I strain to be heard over the general hustle and bustle.

I jog slowly, picking up speed until I stop on the other side of the square. "There you are." I say panting. "C'mon, we've got to go!"

"Remember what I say now, it could make all the difference." I say while panting. We're in the middle of what could be a military operation. "Feel your element. Live it. Breathe it. You are your element. Move your body in the ways you want your element to move. Do not, I repeat, do not get stressed. Relaxing is the most important thing."

I watch as the young faces set with determination. They nod and I know they will be able to handle it. Max despairs in the middle of our group.

"I don't know what my element is! I'm useless." He says this with a determined will.

I refrain from slapping him out of it. "Listen to me. Relax." I see him loosen up. "Now: feel a new will fill your whole body. Yeah?"

He breathes in, puffs up his chest and nods firmly.

"Pull up your arm and twist your fingers. Imagine your element working to your EXACT specifications. Can you feel it?"

Max raises his arm, twists his fingers.

Slowly, pieces of earth lift and swirl in the air. They get faster and higher, until they are a swirling torrent of  wholeness. Max's arm drops and so do the clumps of earth.

We line up in formation, gather some of our elements as the rain once again lashes the heads and arms of the townsfolk. Our townsfolk.

We look up, faces set, determination ebbing through the townspeople. I say three words. Only three words are uttered, yet everyone in the silent crowd can hear them all.

"Let's do this."


The End

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