Bit by bit


Me, Jia, Chloe and Max are gathered beside our secret shack which is on the east of the village, beside the lake. Jia promised she would help us master our powers, since she as most excpereance. Chloe has just discovered her element.


But Max hasn't found his element yet. Everyone feels sorry for him but he dpesn't like it. He says he feels weak and helpless.

"Kay, lets go. Bit by bit." Jia smiles. I click my fingers and sparks fly out. I contuniue until the sparks turn into flames. I smile. I'm making good progress. I blow on the the flame and they fly over the lake. I lower my hands and let the fire fall into the lake.

"Yes, i did it!!!" I yell. I've never been so happy.

"As I said, Bit by bit"

The End

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