Meeting Jia


Growing a dark purple, the sky above the serene setting seemed to envelope the world as far as the horizon. What little light there was danced across the stream near the town. A tree stood, solitarily next to the stream.

My favourite place of all time. I edge further out onto the branch I'm sitting on. All is peaceful and calm - 

"Jia!" The shout of a familiar voice reaches over the bank.

"Kay! I'm in the tree!" I shout back.

Further down the tree I can feel the rustle of leaves and then I can see him. Kay climbs along the branch and sits next to me.

"What's up?" I ask.

"The sky." He says, jokingly. "But I think there's a bit more tree first."

I move my fringe to the side and stare at him. Then we both burst out laughing. The branch is shaking too much - we fall to the ground in a crumpled heap. And suddenly his face is serious again.

"Jia. There's something I need to tell you. Well," he says after a pause. "Something I need to show you."

Face, contorted in concentration, he clicks his fingers. A spark flies and a tiny glowing ball appears in his palm. Slowly, it grows bigger, until it reaches a flame.

I nod. I understand what it's like to control an element. I move my arm, twist my hand. A few droplets of water rise from the stream, and come to land on the flame which Kay conjured.

Getting up, understanding and determination in our faces, we walk back to the village to gather as a group with a few more young souls and work on our discoveries.

The End

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