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The perpetual chatter of my classmates filled the room. 

All around me I could hear laughter, plans for the weekend being made, gossip being shared. Everyone was talking in two's or three's except for me, I was by myself. Deciding to make the most of it, I reached into my bag and pulled out a dog-eared novel. I hadn't gotten two sentences in when I heard my name spoken.

I glanced up automatically, a natural reaction and I wasn't even remotely surprised by what I saw; two blondes at the front making no attempt to hide the fact that I was the main topic of their conversation. Every now and then they'd glance my way and quickly look away again, just like the children they were.

I rolled my eyes and tried concentrating on the words in my book. However, their voices were far too loud and I found myself eavesdropping.

'...staring at a glass of water...'

'What? What was she doing?'

'Beats me. Maybe she thinks she has magic powers.'

They both snickered and I flushed bright red. They didn't know how accurate they were. I would have to try and be more discreet in future. 

I found myself completely distracted for the rest of the lesson.


The park was normally my favourite place to come when I needed some time to myself. I found the peace and serenity completely soothing. It was where I could just let my mind wander, contemplate my life and just generally feel at ease.

However, I was annoyed to find my usual spot had been taken over. The place by the river where I would sit was occupied by  five or six men, no older than twenty. They each had a can in their hand and were laughing boisterously. I decided to cut past them and head further down, out of their sight.

'Hey pretty girl,' I heard one of them sneering.

I kept my head down and continued walking. Several seconds later though I head the sound of footsteps, not that far behind me. I sneaked a quick peak and sure enough found they were following me.

My heartbeat began to pick up pace, a natural reaction to the adrenaline that coursed through my veins. I knew I could take care of myself easily enough, but I was hoping I'd never have to. It soon became apparent they weren't gonna leave though.

One of them decided to cut in front of me.

The others quickly converged around me, forming an inescapable circle.

'Where are you going?' the one that had shouted earlier leered at me. 

'Get out of my way please,' I murmured quietly. They didn't scare me even remotely, I was more concerned about what I was going to do to them.

Their reaction was to laugh at me. It echoed in the emptiness of the park and I stared him straight in the eye.

'I mean it, if you value your life you'll step aside,' I squared my shoulders, attempting to at least look tough. He decided to call my bluff as he leaned in towards me, a hungry smile playing on his lips.

I responded by placing my hand to his chest.

'What do you think you're doing?' he grabbed my wrist and shoved it aside, but I used my other hand.

'Don't say I didn't warn you.' 

Then I let it come. The power that I could so easily control, it was like a light switch. The feeling itself can only be compared to something surging through me with great force. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't entirely comfortable either. His eyes were challenging, questioning but defiant. He wasn't going to move. 

Until my power began to take effect. He started coughing, spluttering would be more exact, like he had something stuck in his throat. Then his eyes started bulging, his face slowly turned a dark shade of red. His hands grasped at his neck.

I held at it until he collapsed, writhing on the floor. 

'What did you do to him?!'

I chose this moment to escape. I let him go and started running as fast as I could. Out of the park. Out of danger. Out of the public eye. I crossed roads, ignored cars, passed the startled public and I didn't stop until I was bent over gasping for breath in an abandoned alleyway.

What on Earth had I just done? Here I was telling myself to be more discreet and I had just pulled an incredibly reckless stunt. I was going to be caught. I was going to be imprisoned. People were going to find out. 

What had I done?


The End

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