I sat on the edge of the beach, just underneath the boardwalk, I felt the soft sea breeze catch my chin and my hair flew in wild tangles. I felt so at home here living among the winds. The tide was out and the sand crunched under my feet as I dug them in.

I got up and stretched, just about reaching the wooden planks of the jetty. I lifted myself up and held fast to the plank, I pulled my knees up and let go, allowing myself to drift gently to the ground again. I repeated my small mantra a few more times then got up and walked the beach.

It was almost deserted but for a a scruffy dog lapping at a rock pool annoying the lonesome fish that swam there.

I broke out into a run, I could feel the wind pick up around my body and I ran faster and faster. I turned and ran back to the jetty and leaped off the end into the blissful winds. I felt at peace, at a pure equilibrium held up in the air like a rag doll. I forced the air around me into a hard ball and sat within it allowing myself to sink into the foamy sea.

Inside my shelter of air I could be what and how I cared to be, but it this moment all I did was become myself. I lifted the ball up again above the water and skimmed myself back to land.

I let myself off at the jetty and walked into the forest. I could smell a woodsmoke., A hot thick smoke that hung around in the stagnant air. I made myself a protective ball again and traveled to the source to find my brother element Ryn among fallen, burnt trees. He was clearly upset but I carried further into the forest, searching for whom I knew to be the culprit. Now I knew he was to blame yet I couldn't truly blame him for loosing control of his new found powers - could I? He's upset a delicate balance in the forest I knew and polluted my air with the putrid smokes, yet truly he was unblamable.

Tobias was in trouble. Phaedos could deal with him.

I cleared the air of smoke and put sucked the air from the trees, extinguishing the embers completely but taking care not to harm any wildlife or I'm sure Ryn would, if he was inclined to, have my guts for garters.

The End

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