Ryn Petros

I placed my hand onto the chest of the bird that lay in my lap before me. Its heart beat was slowing, the blood from its torn and broken wing oozed over my trousers, but I found myself not caring as I saw such a small innocent creature depart from this world.
Its muscles went limp, I stroked its small beak and laid the poor creature on the ground at the base of a tall yew tree. Cupping my hands around it, I let my energy flow out of my hands into the surrounding ground. The grass and small daisies sprung to life under my fingertips. I watched the undergrowth grow so fast, in no time at all it was poking out between my fingers. Taking my hands away I admired the tomb of soft grass, studded with small common flowers that now caressed the song birds’ body.
Bowing my head in a brief goodbye I stood up, admiring the abundance of vines and wild flowers that surrounded me. It had been a long time since I had seen a man made structure. It must have been almost a week since I left the last little village I passed through. I’ve just never enjoyed being around concrete, in forests energy flows in a much more pure way, and I can focus my energies on flourishing the plants.
I took in a deep breath of air, expecting to enjoy the fresh scent the forest. However, while I could still smell the underlying tones of the forest it was smoke that now assaulted my nostrils. It was far away, but the smell of burning leaves told me it was still in the forest.
Before I’d even told my legs to move I was running towards the source, vaulting fallen branches and skipping lightly over boggy marshes. It didn’t take long for the air to be thick with smoke, the heat searing my skin. In the time it had taken me to get to the fire the size of it had escalated to gigantic proportions.
I panicked; I had seen such fires before, how quickly they could spread and how quickly they could ruin such a beautiful forest.
Resenting the solution but at the same time knowing it was the only way, I bent, digging my hands into the earth, sending out my energies. I made myself one with the tress that were already alight, on the very edge of the fire. I poured my energies into them, they grew and they grew, towering above all the other trees, even the eldest that had been growing for centuries. Then when they reached the grandest proportions I could take them to with a wrench of regret I killed their roots. They toppled like humans with broken legs, the fell onto the fire, and instead of feeding it like most wood their grand proportions crushed it, smothering the flames. Bits of splintered wood flew everywhere, like thrown daggers, scorching all my uncovered flesh as the trees crashed to the ground and died, taking the fire with them.
Smoke still hung in the air, but the heat was gone, as if someone had shut an oven door. I took my hands out of the earth, and leant back against a tree that had survived the assault. My hands shook, not only was I drained of energy but I could feel my sorrow for a crater in such a beautiful forest well up inside me. I tried to take a breath of air, but merely choked on the fumes that still hung in it.

The End

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