The Elements' ShadowsMature

So, you are an element - Fire, Air, Earth or Water. You have an evil version of yourself called a shadow. When they start a war with you what do you do?


I focused, and finally my body lit up. I was on fire! "Yes!" I shouted and punched my fist in the air in celebration. A fireball leapt out of my hand towards the sky as I did that; oops.

I let my body burn out as my mentor, Phaedos, walked through the forest towards me.

"Well done. You can use Fireball and Body-Fire well. Now focus on only letting yourself use a little bit of fire to heat someone up." He said.

"What?! Okay, so after I've mastered my power to light up my whole body, you tell me to focus on only using a littler bit? You're mad!" I said, my voice getting louder by each word. I didn't care. Phaedos nodded and walked of, weaving inbetween the trees.

I lived in a tiny village just outside Plymouth. The village was called Sealeadge and consisted of about ten houses, a village hall, and a small cafe. Oh, and the beach and promenade of course. Around Sealeadge is a thick forest - where I was now - and a few farms. Beyond that is Plymouth. But this village is not marked on a map. Because no-one else can see it apart from the Elements and magical people. Phaedos used to be Fire aswell but he had an injury involving the Shadows' so he passed the power on to me.

I looked around to see where I could practice Fire-Endows. There was a small pile of dry, dead leaves so I decided to use them. I walked over and faced the leaves, then closed my eyes and focused my fire. I spread my arms out so they were pointing at the leaves then, when I was ready, I snapped my fingers and pointed my fingers to the leaves. A flash of flames flew out of them and on to the leaves. I felt my body relax a little when the release came, and opened my eyes.

I gasped. "Shit." I muttered - I'd started a forest fire. Again. I ran around the fire, trying to stop it from speading (Fire-Block) but that uses up loads of energy and I'd already used most of mine creating it.

"PHAAEEEDDOOSSS!!" I shouted as loud as I could. No shouting or running replied, only the sound of the fire crackling and spreading. I tried yelling again but no-one could hear me. I was going to have to leave it and go and get them. I started to sprint off, but froze as I heard a voice. A voice I did not want to hear.

"Toby...Little irrisponsible Toby...Tut, tut - making a forest fire for, what is it, the fifth time? I'm ashamed." A whispering voice said mockingly, that only I could hear. Anger flared up inside me as my shadow made more sarcastic comments. I saw a flash of black to my right and turned my head sharply but he - it - was gone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you too slow?" He teased. This time I ignored him, and sprinted off, before the fire got any bigger.

I ran to the village and got Phaedos. "Phaedos! I tried to do the Fire-Endows, I really did but --"

"What have you done now?"

"Well, urm... I started a for--" I began.

"Holy crap! Is that smoke? Is there a forset fire? Tobias?" He looked at me.

"Okay, I started it! I'm really sorry, but we have to get over there and stop it!" I said, trying to drag him away.

"Well...We can put it out for a while, but not stop it. The shadows' created the fire, not you. We're going to need the other elements' to fully stop it." Phaedos told me.

We ran off in the direction of the forest, not sure what to expect...

The End

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