The Elements

This is a role-play about a world where everyone controls an element. All is well until Ani, Toby and Cam team up to create mass-distruction. What will happen? You deciede.

My village was a happy place. Happy until the days of darkness came over the land of the elements. I long to help but how? How could a thriteen year old boy make a difference?

My sister Lin is visisting a friend who was living in the north, so I am left alone. No mother or Father to protect me. I don'tt care, or at least I don't show that i care. When I was four i wrote the following letter to my parents:

Deer mummy and daddy,

I reely misss u. Pleese com bak. I lonly withut u.

Luv Kay.

I never sent the letter. I didn't expect a relpy. Anyway, I had to show them that I was going to grow up to be a brave warrior like father. But I did hope that they would come back. They didn't. No one ever found their bodies but they were declared dead anyway.No matter how hard anyone tried, no one could convice me that my parents were dead. I would never give up.

It was the moon of the harvest when I began to gain his controls of my element.


I began to understand how fire worked. And more importantly, how to control it. As soon as mys powers began to evolve, i went straight to my best friend, Jia.

The End

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