Sonnie: Torch boy

"Arg." What the- I turn around to the sound, eyes wide, eyebrows raised. Blaise holds up his hand, a teeny flame wirling inbetween his fingers. "It bites," he shrugs.

And you call me a mentalist.

Shut up Max, I stare at Blasie, leaning back. He's obviously mad, he could probably tourch us...

Subtle Blaise, real subtle. A voice says in my head.

Please tell me that wasn't torch boy... I think to Max, he looks at me, eyebrows raised and a grin plastered on his face. I turn sharply on my heel and stalk off into the woods.

Ah what the hell, I hear torch boy mutter in his head.

He really is mad, Max says.

Shut up.

"Hey, uh Sonia-"

"Sonnie!" I yell, a bird flies from a tree. Opps!

"Oh, right... Wait up the Sonnie." He catches up easily, well I am dawdling so, hey. What do you epect?

"Hello..." I breeze out, I glance to him and my have to hold my breath. Oh. My. God. Blaise looks at me oddly, I feel a mixture of pure astonistment, horror and a little bit of humor rise up in me. I have to bite down my lip as Max goes up really close to his face, eyes scrunching as he examines Blaise's every pore. I turn away shaking my head, God only knows what Blaise saw, I mean... He can't see ghosts or spirits... just fire...

The End

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