Kane: A game that I can't play well

"You seem to know too much about me Blaise. But that doesn't matter I want people too. I would like to chat, but i'm afraid the military will catch me here not trying to capture you. That wouldn't be good , I don't feel like dieing ........... Atleast not right now. I can still do some good."  I said to the new element. I jump into a window.

" Will you help me?" I say through the window.

I didn't have time to see his reply as some soldeirs darted into the room.

" Kane the girl isn't here." They reported.

" No really. Why you reporting to me like a superior officer anyways.?" I ask

" Your are sir." They reply

Something was up , The colonel is playing with me.  I grinded my teeth I knew what he was doing. Making sure my hands are tied up I can't move without my squad watching my every move.

" What rank am I?" I ask

" Sargent." They answere.

I'm definitly being pinned to a wall hard. But two can play this game , even though I can't play it well.  I needed to get these men Loyal to me. Then Have them fight with me.  This was going to make things harder though and longer.

The End

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