Sonnie: Mentalist...

So there I was, standing having orders thrown at my face, photos shoved into my hands, and leaped up onto the roof. Max smirks in the corner of my eye, Shutit you! I think to him.

I feel the ground give a little bit, my head whips around to see some randomer with odd eyes and fire in hands. I feel my eyes widen as he says nonchalantly, "Hallo there, looking for somewhere to hide?" What a douche, Max thinks, I smirk.

What's his face.... Kane... turns around, gun in the air, oh great. This is fantastic. I think scarcastically in the corner of my head.

"Don't shoot me!" The boy says, his aura showing so much amusment that it leaks off him. "I swear I won't do anything! Name's Blaise, and if you want somewhere to hide I think I  can help. Trust me?" This is going to be awkward, Blaise thinks.

No. Max says, I feel him next to me. I bite down my smile looking at the ground.



You're a mentalist!

Well, thank you so much.

I laugh, I feel two sets of eyes on me. Well, this is awkward. I lick my lips and walk off into the woods, laughter echos throughout my brain. Douches. They're douches. Max thinks, half floating next to me. I laugh out loud, glancing down at the photos in my hand.

One down, three more to go. I hear footsteps behind me, and feel brains working. Huh, someone's a thinker. I turn around.

The End

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