Blaise: Stepping In

I watched from the roof above as the man named Kane jabbered a series of inane orders at the girl I presumed to be Sonia. I raised an eyebrow and smirked, he really was rather amusing. If he didn't have a meltdown in the next five minutes I would officially have to call him the wierdest human ever. The meltdown would tell me he was not human.

None the less, I watched as he turned back to the window and glared up at it. I sighed and scrambled down the side of the roof, using the metal fire escape for a ladder. I landed lightly on my feet beside Sonia, grinning fiendishly at the look of alarm on her face when I stepped out of the shadows. I pulled a match out of my pocket and lit it, twirling the flame between my fingers and watching Sonia's face as she gaped at me.

"Hallo there," I said nonchalantly, "Looking for somewhere to hide?"

The semi-bionic man wheeled on me, I raised my hands, fire still twisting through my fingers and widened my eyes, grinning.

"Don't shoot me!" I said, feigning terror, "I swear I won't do anything! Name's Blaise, and if you want somewhere to hide I think I  can help. Trust me?"

The man glared at me, obviously thinking me mad. Well, who would trust a mangy-looking seventeen year old boy with freaky orange-red eyes and white hair that blatantly refuses to obey the laws of gravity. Oh, and when he has fire wiggling up and down his arm like some tame animal.

This is gonna be awkward...

The End

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