Kane: Getting help.

If I had helped Caroline right then I would be shot, and killed or worse. It wouldn't up well. I need help, and the only people would help would be the other elements.The other element who wasn't completly afraid of me. I looked at the file on her, and found her name it was Sonia.  I just hope she didn't know who I was. Too bad The colonel ordered a few soldiers to tag along. I found her house. I knocked on her door. I pretended to be a goverment agent.  Her mom indicated that she was upstairs in her room. As I walk up, and check her room. A thought that sounded like my own but couldn't shake the fact it felt foriegn.  NO! Stay away look around in the other rooms first. Examine every square inch.

I did it regardless if it didn't feel right. As I check the other rooms I hear a window open and the sounds of climbing around. She was in that room, and she is escaping.  I check the door.  Its locked. I ran to the room beside it. Open the window and leap out. I landed relatively softly on the ground even though the ground would say contry as imprints of my shoes where indenting the ground. Sonia looked surprised.

" I don't have alot of time. The soldiers are going to find out you escaped eventually, and if  I'm with you its not going to look good. So cutting to the point. This military is trying to get ahold of you and 4 others like you. They caught one already. I'm going to free her , but I need help. Find the other 3 before these men and I do. then meet me at school tomorow , there we'll plan to get her out." I said handing her the pictures , "I've got to go." 

I said as they begin to bust her bedroom door now. I hopped back into the rooms window I jumped out of. To help cover her escape.

The End

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