Sid: Wandering Around The New Neighborhood

The next morning I got up before anyone else, got dressed and slipped out of the house. I really need time to myself. That was something I hardly ever got. Once outside I breathed in the freash hair. It felt good to be out here instead of inside where my mom had the entire house smelling like her favorite air freashiner. I walked down the street.

"Well Sid Jones," I say to myself "You better get used to this place soon because I don't thing your parents are going to move back." That's a little habit I have. That's probably another reason I was considered a little weird at my old school. I'm always talking to myself even if others are listening. I've tried to break the habit so many times with no avail. Oh well. I was starting school soon so I just hoped I could make new friends. I made my way back to my new house.

The End

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