Aqua: Why does he keep saying sorry?

Why does he keep saying sorry?

Then there's that look in his eye like I keep reminding him of someone.

Later on he falls back to sleep and I use the water in his body to float him upstairs to my room. I grab a book then sit at the window seat.

It was my usual story, fantasy mixed with action and sometimes romance.

"Uhh" I look up over the book. I slip in the book mark then rest it in my lap. "My body hurts" he moans.

I cant help but laugh slightly.

"You've been ingured its not just going to go like that even though you are better.... besides you just woke up" I say shrugging.

He sits himself up against the back board. "This your room"

"Mmm-Hm" I say. "Not settled yet" I look at the unpacked boxes and sigh.

"What?" he asks.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get time to unpack those" I mutter gesturing the four medium sized boxes. "But that's what happens when you move"

"I could help you" he says.

"Nonsense you're still healing and those boxes can wait it's just old memories......" My voice trails off. "I'm getting a drink, want one?"

"Uh, sure" he mutters his eyes following me as I leave.

I close the door behind me and give off a big sigh before begining for the kitchen again.

Memories of past friends hurt knowing I wouldn't see them again.

The End

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