Erion: Waking Up

I was so tired and hurt, I must have been shot or something.

I was hallucinating too, for some reason when I looked at the girl I saw Ellie and felt even more pain, emotional.

The girl spent the night nursing me to health and her face came into view. It was pretty.

She said something about school, hesitated at the door and eventually left.

I really wanted to get up, to stretch my wings. Now they were out I couldn’t get them back in, that wasn’t good. I tried to sit up, the desire to overcome the pain and show I wasn’t week but it hurt.

It couldn’t have been half an hour and she was back.

“Ow,” I moaned and looked at my wings. She shook her head.

“You idiot.”

“I just want to fly again,” I muttered and looked back at her, “why are you helping me?” I wondered.

“Because I want to…” she paused for a moment, why would she want to help me? she didn’t know me, god just like Ellie, “I’ll fetch you some pain killers,” she ran out of the room as I tried to get up.

“Sit down,” she said and I did.

She handed me the tablets. I took them from her hand, her skin smooth like water, and put them in my mouth, taking a gulp of water.

I grimaced in pain as I got a violent pain in my head and tried to shake it off.

“What’s wrong?” her voice was very close. I opened my eyes, she was kneeling right next to me. She blushed when I looked at her and moved back a little.

“Nothing, just suddenly got a real bad headache, I think I over exerted myself a little, stress or something,” I tried to put it off like it was nothing but she saw right through me. God she’s not Ellie! I tried to chastise myself, it was unfair on her, “sorry,” I muttered.

“What for?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I tried to stand up again. It really hurt but I stood on my feet. I swayed a little and she caught my elbow. I looked at her, half smiling half grimacing and took a step, “step back,” I told her.

“Are you-“

“Trust me,” I said. She did. I arched my back, it cracked in several places, then my wings shot out, hitting each wall in the room, wind swirling around me, “oh god that feels good.”

She looked at me wide eyed, almost at awe with my wings. I realised I didn’t have my top on, I must’ve taken it off in a fever. My face burned and my wings came round to cover me.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“What?” she asked again. I chuckled.

“Never mind.”

The End

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