Sonnie: Giving up...

I punch the wall. Pain soars through my fist, the wall cracks slightly, my knuckles blood stained. I hear the front door open, and murmering downstairs. I crack open the door, peeking through, the murmering gets louder as I edge towards the bannister.

"Where is she?" A man with a strong accent says.

"Upstairs." My mother's voice is stronger than I would have anticipated.

"Right, we just need a few questions answered from you." It's Canadian, the accent is Cannadian.


"How is her health?"

"She came out of hospital, around an hour ago."

"Right, she's been weakened then. How is her mood?"

"I don't know, annoyed, angry, moody..."

"Ahh, so it's preoccupied."


"Good,we'll go and get her now, if that's ok?"

"Yeah, she's doing my head in anyway..."


I close the door quietly. MAX! What do I do?!

Window, grab a bag of stuff, go now.

And what, jump to my death?

No, there's a ledge remember. Max appers shoving clothes into a bag, I lock the door, pressing my ear to the wooden door. I hear footsteps leading up.

"There almost here. What do I do?!"

"Use your powers, duh."


"Control their feelings, their souls."

"Ok," I close my eyes concentrating. I feel the man get closer and closer to the door. NO! Stay away, look around in the other rooms first. Examine them carefully, check every square inch. My eyes spring open, I hear the man walk into the kitchen.

"It worked, it actually worked," I whisper.

"I know, c'mon, we need to go now." He grabs my hand, opens the window. "Ready? Three, two, one. Now!" We leap from the window. 

The End

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