Kane: It better me than them.

The ground collapsed underneath me I cursed. I didn't like this but It looked like I had to use force. If I fail the military would do much worse to them. Kill their parents friends, torture, rip there lives in half. If I did they will suffer less injury. I jumped out of the pit.

" I'm sorry but you would much rather have me do it than trigger happy morons." I barely audible.

" What?"  She turns around.

In the blink of an eye I stand in front of her.

"I'm sorry. Its better me than them." I say

She tries to make the earth protect her from me, but my fist already made contact knock her out cold. I kept my emotions back .Am I a bad person? I wanted to stop this , I hurt someone. I'm helping bad people. Not for long, that will change I'll get them out of the military before they do anything to them. We'll cripple them, then I will shoot myself, becuase I should have died long ago.  I pick up Coralines unconciousse body I slip my handgun in her jacket. With a note saying I'm going to help i'm going to make sure the military won't do anything to you or the others.The colonel drives by.

" How cruel are you Kane? You went for your friend first." He said enjoying himself.

" She would say different." I say putting the unconciousee coraline in the car. They gave her sedatives.

" Who's next?" He asks

" You bastard." I clenched my robotic fist tight. Threating to punch.

" You don't want to do that. I die you die." He says smugly

"I don't care if I live or die. I'm staying to do one final thing." I say walking away.

" What's that Kane?" He asks

" You'll see." I say

The End

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