Coraline; Ignore!


Just ignore him, just ignore him, just ignore him.

Kane walked up to me, he opened his mouth to say something.

"Hello Kane, I was just on my way to the village shop, did you want something?"I said, my voice was flat, I had rehearsed these lines over and over.

"Yeah.... um. You?"

"I beg your pardon?"I gasp, my eyes widening.

"No.. NO! Not like  that I need to collect the five elements and I need you to help me, Coraline."



"Because I said so."


"Your gonna make me anyway aren't you?"


"Fine, I'll help you."I sighed.

"Thanks." Then he turned on his heel and walked in the oppsite direction.

"Idiot."  I muttered under my breath.


"No. I c-c-can't!"I blurt. I didn't say that! Why did I say that? I didn't want to say that! SHUT UP EARTH!


"No......I don't want to help you catch me and my fellow elements. We are the elementals. The unstoppable." My voice wasn't my voice, I wasn't speaking, my element was chanelling through me and talking for me.

"Why you speaking like that?"He asked, his blue eyes narrowing.

"Coraline is the element. She is a elemental."Said the voice.

"Why you speaking in third person?!"He said.

"Because. I am Earth."The voice said simply. Then it shut up, I fell to the floor as the amazing energy whooshed out of me, "Oof!"

"Were you just messing about then?"

"Go away Kane, Earth was right. I will protect the elementals. Even if the military want us just to work out how we became a element. I don't want to be a lab rat. I am a human being!"I said seriously.

"Oh yeah... And I am a human, but I lost MY rights a looooong time ago, I'm now the military's dog!"He snapped in a unpleasant voice.

"So what? Were not frieds, why should I care?"I said coldly.

His face fell.

"I'm your friend."He said quietly.

"No your not."I said in a steely voice, my expression set in stone.

"Fine. You'll see reason, when they come after you and your, "He paused, "fellow elements, you'll be sorry you didn't let me take you."

"I don't care."


"Fine!" I said angrily, then I stomped off in the other direction, he tried to walk off in the mirror direction of the way I was going, but I colapsed the earth beneath him, I heard him curse me under his breath.

"Go to hell Kane."I snarl.

I didn't care if he was upset. I wasn't going to let the military do freaky experiments on me!

The End

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