Kane: feel like dieing

"He's definetly a hard one to kill." someone mutters

" Once one comes near death,and survives. The body fights death harder. He's been shot be before with more bullets, also the colonel had no intention of killing him." The scientist replies.

I'm lieing on another hospital bed , I felt like crap.Thats what I get at escaping though. I don't want to open my eyes life sucks to much to get up. I roll to put my face in pillows pain shoots from my chest."urrrr."

" Good morning Kane, How do you feel?"

" Like dieing." The pillow muffles my voice.

" Get up the colonel isn't happy with you. He expects you to work as soon as you get up." 

" What's he going to shoot me?"  I laugh.

" Worse."  he mutters.

I finally stopped argrueing with the scientist , and finally got up.

" So what am I doing today?"

" I don't know , but I can tell you this. The colonel  is in a pissy mood so something thats going to hurt you in every sort of way."  He warns.

I didn't want to know what he had in stock for me, but I had no other choice. I got up, and walked to his office.

" Your little trick yesterday. You haven't been punished enough. I was going to make my soldiers do this but the risk of injury woulf be high,and that means paperwork, and other things. That I don't feel like doing. In your case you can die get hurt it won't matter you don't exist. All I have to do is phone the higher ups ,and say Kane and the mission. That's easy. Now here's the mission." He says handing me a folder.

It I open it the 5 elements pictures where there, and it said on a piece of paper simply. Capture in a unconciouss state, no civillian casualties, no injury done to them.

I thought it would be something simpler, but now I had to do something I couldn't do. I had two choices I don't I get blown up, then the millitary grabs them anyways. Or I grab em but tell them what happening , and try to help my best from the inside.

I salute the colonel, and leave. I choose the latter one.

The End

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