Sonnie: Not talking.


"I'm up I'm up!" I yell, throwing of the pillows from under my head at the alarm. It hits something and the alarm screams.

"Shut up! Shut up!" I scream, turning around burrowing my head in a pillow. My hands pull and tug at the roots of my hair. I glance to the unfamiliar door, strangers run in wearing baggy green clothes, they yell. My eyes widen and I scream the best little-girl-in-a-horror-movie blood-curdling scream.

My mother runs in, eyes bloodshot, tear stains all around them. She runs to me, pulling me in to a tight hug, "My baby, my baby. It's OK everything's going to be OK."

My hyperventilating fit calms down, tears escape from my eyes. "W-w-where are we?"

"Hospital, love," she murmers in the top of my head, rocking me slightly.

"W-why ar..." I inhale a deep breath, "Why are we... we here?"

"You... you didn't come home, and I called the police, they..." she takes a deep breath. "They found you unconcious... In a... In a puddle of... of blood..."

My eyes widen, remembering what happened. Hey, Sonnie. Remember me?

Max? Wha- Why are you in my head?

Other way round. You're in my head.

Oh great. How can I get out?

Just ignore me, although I think it may be better if you don't speak aloud... they'll really think you're mad, if you do that.

Shut up, Max.

"Sonnie... are you still there?"

"Huh... oh right, yes?"

She blinks, shaking her head. "We're about ready to go... it's a good thing that you can heal your mind quickly, you just need to have a quick check up."

"Ok," a young male nurse, places a blood pressure thing around the top of my arm, his finger tips getting a little too close to my breasts. I grind my teeth together.

Half an hour later.

"Mum, look I said I was sorry." I say, as we pull up in the drive.

She pulls up, turning around to face me, "How could you do that?"

"Do what? Techniqually I didn't do anything." His face was pretty funny, though.

It was indeed, Max replies.

"Didn't do anything, no. Say something, yes."

"Mum, you're making a big deal out of nothing."

"Nothing," she shrieks, throwing her hands into the air. "You made a mockery out of the both of us!"

"Mum, it wasn't that bad. Loads of people my ag-"

"Not many."

"Oh come on, Mother. It really doesn't matter that much."

"Sonia Marks."

"That's my name mother, I'm glad you remembered it." I open the door and walk out of the car, the lumpy gravel ground crunches beneith my feet.

"Sonia! Don't you walk away from me."

I open the front door, "Y' know Ma, you should really think about locking the front door, we're not in that village anymore." I hear the car beeps as it locks.

"Sonia, stop walking away from me."

"Mum, why are really bothered, all I said was-"

"I know perfectly well what you sai-"

"All I said was, 'Will you, please, remove your head away from my breast.' That's all, nothing more, nothing less. So please, tell me what's wrong."

"Yes, the main doctor in there lives next door, and now they all think I have a delinquant as a daughter." She yells as I grab a breakfast bar.

I bite my lip, then, I fight back. "Oh, I am so sorry, for fighting my corner, at least I don't just lie down and let any Tom Dick or Joe walk all over me!"

"Don't you talk to me in that tone, Little Missie." Her tone is cold and hard.

"Don't you talk to me in that tone the, Mum. Manners go both ways, not just one."

"Oh, cry me a river Sonia."

"What the hell happened to you, Mum? You're acting like... like a b*tch to be honest."

"What happened to me? Nothing much, just my daughter running rampage, again. And having government officals come knocking on the door, telling me that they want to talk to you as a matter of risk."

"Mum!" I sigh, "Y' know what. Go to hell, ever since Dad and Hazel died in that explo-"

She shuts down. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Mum, we're going to have talk about it some ti-"


"Y' know what, whatever. I give up," I walk about the room and up to my room. I hold my breath, stopping myself from crying. I slam my door, anger over comes me and I punch the door with all my might.

The End

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