Aqua: Have to go to School

I walked to school calmly. I had left Erion at the house hidden in my room. He was still bleeding and couldn't stand for more than 10 seconds.

Maybe I should go back....... No, If I miss another day of school it will become suspicious.

I had left him with water and some snacks but I would have to get home as fast as possible to keep any one from seeing him.

My mum would take my absence as a oppertunity to check my room and it's not like you could hide human winged boy in your room easily.

I sigh then look up at the school...... One more day wouldn't hurt. I turn legging it back to my house.

God, and I was the sooo gonna get in trouble for this.

I went in and gapsed.

"Ow" Erion mutters rolling over. I run over and help him sit up.

"You idiot" I say shaking my head. He moans looking back at his wings.

"I just want to fly again" he mutters before looking back at me. "Why are you helping me?"

"Cause I want to......" I pause for thought. "I'll fetch you some painkillers"

I run off into the kitchen trying to breath when I feel a cool air enter the room. I turn to see Erion struglling on his feet. "Sit down" I say calmly.

This is one weird helping out.

The End

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