Kane: Bang!

" Oh can you. You were given orders to watch me. Thats creepy." She says.

I bet but its creepeir waking up with cybornetic limbs , and your enlisted to a secret private military.

I arrange her to miss a day of school. Then the Aqua girl from the other day showed up asking where the school was. I followed my orders no matter how obscene they where , and made the conversation quick.

" So you want to know huh?" I ask . She nods 

" I'm Kane Watson, A kid between the age 16, and 17. I have no memory before this." I show he my robotic arm, and legs. She kept her surprise well kept. " I'm a dog of a secret private military. I have no rights as a human. Also as far as I know I may not exist on any goverment computer. I have mission that concerns you, the aqua girl, and three others. I can't let you meet up for what ever reason. I just found out the elemental thing.And thats how its going to be. And I  don't like it." I say.

" Your going to try to stop me from making friends. I can't let you, if all of this is true, then I won't let you. I want to make friends but you big woop. That turned out be a friend who is going to stop me from making further friends.  Thanks Kane, Thanks a bunch." She gets up and leaves upset. 

Stupid military! I wish they left me to die from whatever happened to me. I would be better off then a dog that knows jack.  The Colonel pulls up the street. Great more lies , and bull.  

" Kane the scientist wants to see yeah. Get in." He says

Why is it always him the colonel, couldn't he send his soldiers? Once I met scientist I fromulated a plan. A plan that will be the death of me. I know for a fact they had a GPS tag on me , and probably explosives for last resort situations. I was going to make him remove them. 

" Kane I wanted to check your reflex funtions." He says pulling me into his new lab.

I let him do his thing, and once he done outcomes the pistol , and the camera's.

" Your going to remove the tracking device, and the explosives! Now!" I command the pistol pointed at his head point blank. 

" I don't ...." He cowers

" Shut it. You know about them. Remove and I'll spare you." I order him.

" I don't know about the explosives but I can remove the GPS." He says grabbing a scalp and making an incision on my chest. 

He atleast didn't ask about aneasthetic I wouldn't take it.  I winced at the pain. He took out the GPS. He soed the incision back up. 

" You are going to deal with the explosives. Even if it ends up blowing us both up." I say once he is done with the tracking device.

" But..." He protests

" You have three choices, Die now, Die later, or live." I say then the doors burst open with soldiers. I'm in trouble. The colonel walks in. 

" I see the dog doesn't like its owners and wants to run. Do you know how I treat cowards Kane?" He asks

" No sir."

" Let me show you." He says with pistol in his hands. Bang!Bang!

I collapse to the floor.

" I kill them. I can't kill you though, thats why your my dog." I hear him say before I sink into darkness.

The End

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